10 Zwangerschapsfotografie tips

When I was pregnant with my first child, my little girl Ella, I absolutely wanted beautiful pregnancy photos to cherish forever!

Being pregnant is a unique experience that you experience only a few times in your life!
It are such wonderful moments that you just have to capture on the sensitive plate!
Here are my 10 tips to make beautiful pictures during your pregnancy.


1a) We chose to use the same white neutral background for all photoshoots


b) And to wear the same neutral white outfit for every shoot.

2) We have also made all the photos in paper tone / sepia. So all photos of the different photoshoots, no matter what trimester, are made in the same tone.

This makes it extra beautiful when you put the different pictures next to each other so that you can see the belly literally grow.


3) If you happen to be pregnant at the same time with your sister, sister-in-law, dear girlfriend, niece, colleague,... do not hesitate and take a picture together! How many times in your life do you have the opportunity to make such a nice photo?


4) The retro picture


5) Kiss the belly/baby picture


6) Hug the belly picture

7) I 'heart' the babybump

8) From above, bird's eye view


9) The sexy picture! It's not because you're pregnant, that you can not feel sexy any more, on the contrary, you've probably never been so radiant as now, you're more feminine than ever! Ps and white voile always works to make a nice picture!


10) And last but no less important, the crazy pictures. Does your father have a belly too? Then go bump to bump! Do you have a funny husband? Just let him be his crazy self, that will produce the best results!


Good luck!

Please let me know if you've applied these tips! And if this article has helped you, you can always share it on pinterest or other social media! Thanks in advance!