Carons Hofke Merksplas

A post from a while ago. A walk on a Sunday morning in Merksplas, ‘Carons Hofke’. We woke up and after breakfast none of us felt like staying indoors all day.

Even though the weather was gray, that did not stop us from going! We wore our boots and went for a little walk.

You have to admit, if you get a breath of fresh air in the morning, the day is immediately off to a good start. Fresh air and a little exercise will give you instantly an extra boost of energy! At least, that’s how I feel about it.

The little ones had such a good time though, that they were both tired at the end of the walk. It was a long time ago that Ella wanted to sit in the stroller. She loves to walk, and to run around. But this time she felt like sitting in the stroller. When we came home after the walk, Ella and Maxim did a nice nap, which meant quality time for us for two hours. After nap time we had two well-rested children to play with for the rest of the afternoon! Win-Win!