Four girls at the efteling! Yesterday my friends: Ellen, Pia, our little Ella and myself had a wonderful day in the fairy-tale theme park Efteling! It had been a glorious spring day with blue sky, bright spring sun on the sky. The park was filled with beautiful colorful flowers: tulips, Japanese cherry trees, so beautiful! We went to various attractions: the red noses, the dreamflight, we rowed in boats on the lake in between the cherry trees! Beautiful, incredibly beautiful,... We also walked through the enchanted fairy-tale forest. Ella found some attractions a bit scary, then she cuddled conveniently close to us. We really had a fantastic long great day!

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Vlissingen is a cozy seaside town. Located in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

On our way to the beach, we stopped in Vlissingen. We walked through town and ended up on a bench on the waterfront. With sea view, passing ships, in the spring sun, we ate our lunch.

Vlissingen breathes a maritime atmosphere. If you walk on the promenade, it seems like you can touch the ships , so close you are to the port.

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Here is a stack of photos of a sunny day at the coast from a while ago!

These pictures were taken at a cozy, picturesque town called 'Domburg'. The weather was just a-ma-zing...!!! I took like a billion pictures, so I'm going to split them up in different blogposts! Because all the pictures are just so beautiful!

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