Italië, La Spezia & Portovenere

The fourth day of our leave, the weather was gray and the temperature was lower.
Although we were sometimes surprised by the sun, we bought an umbrella 'just in case' and we drove to the town of 'La Spezia' and to the coastal town of 'Portovenere'.


'La Spezia' has a beautiful marina with an eye-catching white-painted bridge. A nice piece of architecture!
In the marina we visited the beautiful yachts. What a big ship are there!
I cannot believe that people have such beautiful boats and can shore off the coasts! That should be amazing!


By noon we drove along very bright curvy roads, further on to the cozy seaside town of 'Portovenere'.
Portovenere has more to offer than a beautiful bay with boats and colorful cottages. There is also an ancient church and castle!
That gives Portovenere extra charm.


I must honestly admit that the gray weather fitted the gray old church and ruins of the castle!
Down in the bay I still felt completely in Italy. Once we climbed upstairs and arrived at the old church,
I suddenly felt in Scotland. At least that atmosphere was right there.
Gray sky, old gray stone walls, gulls and other birds  circled around the castle, ...


It was another great day! What a beautiful place we discovered again!
In the afternoon, we had to get our umbrellas out, but all in all we can not complain. The rest of the day, it was dry.
And who knows, one day we'll come back to Portovenere on a summer day and experience this magical place in a totally different way!