Lier in mei

Recently, on a sunny sunday, the four of us went on a day trip to the city of 'Lier'.
Steven and I have always thought of Lier as a cozy city, with its pretty squares, shops, canals, bridges and historic buildings.
This was the first time we took the kids.

Look at that smile! What a cutie!

Look at that smile! What a cutie!


As we walked up the first square, there appeared to be a flea market. So cozy: the stalls, the colorful old stuff, the atmosphere,...
Ella was allowed to buy two 'second-hand' "Tiny" books. The kids enjoy it when I read a "Tiny" book before they go to sleep.
These are the only books where Maxim stays on my lap for the time being to listen to the story.


We walked past the 'Zimmer tower' ...

We gave Maxims lunch on a bench near the water.
A canoe full of ladies paddled by and Ella gently waved at them.


And so the Sunday morning passed. By noon we went back home so the kids could take a nap.