Maxim and Mommy Portraits

It seems I have loads and loads of pictures of me holding my baby and kissing his cute little babycheeks.

Now that he has passed the age of 6 months, I though it was time to show a few of this pictures next to each other.

To see how big he has grown! (Yes he did!)

Pic 1 : October 2015. In this picture he was 3 weeks old. I still had to get up two times each night. (this is why I choose a picture where I don't look into the lens ;-) )


Pic 2: November 2015,  3 weeks later.


Pic 3: December 2015, Haha, he pulls his nose at the photographer


Pic 4: January and february 2016, So cute!


Pic 5: March 2016, I escpecially love the expression on his face on the top right!


Pic 6: April 2016, This is the most recent grid. On this picture I just came from the hairdresser, so I was pretty happy about my look ;-) And Maxim looks fantastic all the time!